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October 26, 2010--Warrstar Finishes Shadowmourne


Congratulations Warrstar!  It was great to see you finish our guild's second Shadowmorne.  Seems like yesterday we were celebrating your

Thunderfury in vanilla wow.  Here's to many more in the future!       





October 16, 2010--Gabränth Finishes Shadowmourne


Congratulations Gabränth!  It was awesome to see our guild's first Shadowmorne

built.  It's been many weeks of work and Gab has truly earned his new toy.

We're proud of you and appreciate all you do leading our Sat IC raid id.       






High Warlord SHINOTA

September 2006

So, what makes a High Warlord? Perseverance, dedication, a sharp blade with a willingness to kill and be killed over and over again. This is not a path for the weak of arm, nor the feint of heart. The Tater Heads wish to congratulate him on a job well done.

On this festive occasion as we were full of the spirits of our ancestors High Warlord SHINOTA led us to the city of Stormwind where we lay siege to the Underground. The skeletons of our adversary's pilled high that eve as the Taters were a sight to behold.







      - 01-17-2005



      - Kel'Thuzad-Horde



     - Tatercakes

     - Squishydude



      - 200+


     Instance Focus

      - Naxxramus






First Tater with 8/8 Tier 2!!


Along with our first Nef Kill came some awesome loot. Congratulations to Nion for being our first of many 8/8 Tier 2 Taters!!





Squshydude's Thunderfury